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An exclusive look I’m wearing today, on this beautiful day in the heart of the French capital, adorable romantic city and  very chic … You must know that I love to put this sensational style and eccentric in my posts, so here in my blog you can get ideas for your day. If at times you are unsure of the choice and you don’t know what you want  wear for the day, for an evening event, a brunch or afternoon, look the previous posts and try to think what would be fancy for you, all of these services have been  exclusively for you  … I recommend to follow t Easy Fashion Style … And for  today I’m  wearing  Golden Goose military style pants, white sneakers always Golden Goose with silver star, Spektre glasses with mirrored lenses in blue super trendy, Patrizia Pepe leather jacket, white T shirt Asos, Cartier bracelet, purse and Givenchy Antigona exceptional.

Un esclusivo look da indossare oggi , in questa splendida giornata nel cuore della capitale francese , adorabile città romantica e senza dubbio molto chic … Dovete sapere che adoro porre questo stile sensazionale ed eccentrico nei miei post, sono dei consigli in esclusiva solo per voi carissimi amiche di Easy Fashion Style , quindi qui nel mio blog potete prendere spunto per le vostre giornate. Se a volte vi trovate insicure e non sapete cosa indossare per la giornata , per un evento serale , o un brunch pomeridiano , sfogliate i post precedenti e cercate di pensare cosa sarebbe adatto per voi , tutti questi servizi sono stati realizzati in esclusiva per voi per prendere spunto… Mi raccomando seguite il look di Easy Fashion Style … E per la giornata di oggi abbiamo occhiali Spektre con lente specchiata in blu  super trendy , Golden Goose  pantaloni stile militare  , sneakers bianche sempre Golden Goose con stella argento , Patrizia Pepe giacca in pelle , T shirt Asos bianca , braccialetto Cartier , e borsa Givenchy Antigona eccezionale .
cool style- easy fashion style- blogger- fashion blogger- famous blogger- french style- paris-givenchy-golden goose-patrizia pepe-

cool style- easy fashion style- givenchy- spektre- patrizia pepe- golden goose- paris- vogue-

cool style- vintage style- givenchy- star - patrizia pepe- spektre- alessia maglia- blonde- hair blonde- fashionista- vogue- elle- star-

cool style-easy style- alessia maglia- elle- vogue- fashionista- moda-givenchy- cartier- spektre- golden goose- patrzia pepe- star- fashion-street style- model

ford- vintage car- place vendom - paris- ford vintage

givenchy-crocodile-cool style - I love it- my bag- bags- golden goose- fashionista- fashion

have fun-funny time- givenchy- spektre- golden goose- paris- house- travel -cool -blogger-fashion

spektre-golden goose- givenchy- crocodile-place vendome- fashion - vogue- elle- moda- french blogger- italian blogger- fashionista

style-cool style- easy fashion style- moda- blogger- french blogger- star- golden goose- famous blogger- american dreams- givenchy- spektre- patrizia pepe- hair- blond-

alessia maglia- cool style- easy style- spektre- golden goose- patrizia pepe- givenchy- vogue- place vendome- paris- elle- bazar-fashionista

alessia maglia- cool style- easy- fashion- vogue- elle- fashion style- street style- givenchy- spektre- golden goose- patrizia pepe-alessia maglia

alessia maglia- easy fashions style- cool place- spektre- star- givenchy- crocodile- golden goose- paris- fashionista

alessia maglia- fashion - blogger- easy fashion style- cool - givenchy- spektre- star- golden goose- patrizia pepe- parisienne

alessia maglia- vogue- elle- moda- style-street style-givenchy- patrizia pepe- spektre- golden goose-cartier-star

alessia maglia-spektre- givenchy-crocodile-fashion- cool place- paris- goldengoose- fashionista- easy fashion style-

blogger-italian blogger-spektre-golden goose- givency-patrizia pepe-paris-travel- fashion

cool style- easy fashion style- blogger- fashion blogger- famous blogger- french style- paris-givenchy-golden goose-patrizia pepe-

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